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Welcome To Trail de Paris

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Trail de Paris "A Way of Life”  Video!






NETT Trail de Paris section update. The section from Collegiate Street east to under the 286 overpass has been resurfaced. The City plans to reinstall the trail benches and 1/4 mile markers next week.








Wonderful Holiday Present for the Trail de Paris & the Northeast Texas Trail!!!


We have been informed by the TxDOT TAP Administrator that officially all 3 of our NETT TAP applications were approved for funding by the TxDOT Commissioners at the December 17, 2015 meeting.

In Lamar County:

·     10-miles Roxton to Paris

·     4.5-miles Blossom to East Lamar Co. line


In Red River County:

·     14.5-miles west Red River Co.  line to Clarksville west city limit


What a way to end 2015 and begin 2016!






Update on Trail de Paris Upgrade!!!


The City of Paris Public Works Department has moved the closure date to August 25th for the Trail de Paris upgrade. If you have any questions, please call 903.784.9266 or 903.784.9289


Trail de Paris Upgrade!!!

A portion of the Trail de Paris ( Collegiate Street east to Loop 286) will be closed from August 17th to October 30th for a Trail construction upgrade. The following 3-sections of the Trail de Paris will remain open during this period-Collegiate Street west to 8th SE, Loop 286 east to Paris east city limit, and Sports Complex/Outdoor Pavilion trailhead to Trail de Paris intersection. If you have any questions, please call 903.784.9266 or 903.784.9289




Check out the new Trail de Paris "A Way of Life" Video



Click on the picture above




"North East Texas Trail in the Making" Video.










The last leg of the PISD SRTS Grant has been completed from PISD's Crockett School to the Trail de Paris.


It is the asphalt trail section from the Trail de Paris along the East side of the Police Station to Clarksville Road connecting to the in place SRTS 12' wide pedestrian/bicycle shared use sidewalk on the south side of Clarksville Road to the pedestrian/bicycle crossing light to the (bicycle/pedestrian) bike lanes on both sides of Johnson Woods Drive to the School.


This allows Crockett students/parents and neighborhood residents pedestrian/bicycle access to and from the Trail de Paris.





Attention NETT Supporters!

Donate to the NETT Trailblazer Jump Start Project!!!


This project¹s goal is to clear the entire Red River County NETT corridor via a vendor who has a chipper/mulching machine. We will begin at the west RR Co. line and proceed east through RR CO. as far as donations we collect will allow. We plan to start next month December 1st.

Donations are tax deductible!

Here are the donor instructions:

Visit the Northeast Texas Trail website.

Click on the donate button


Payments can be accepted via PayPal or with a Credit Card.

1.  Enter amount of donation.
2.  Very important!  All Donations designated for the TRAILBLAZER Jump Start Fund must be designated under the special instructions tab.
3.  Click Add special instructions to the seller List donation as "TRAILBLAZER  Jump Start Fund"
4.  Finish transaction.


If you chose to donate to the NETT Trailblazer Jump Start Project by Check

Make Checks out to: Red River Co. Trail Blazers - Jump Start
and mail them to: Greater Paris Development Foundation (or G.P.D.F.)
P.O. Box 1178, Paris, TX 75461-1178


Or you can drop donations by:

Paul T. Wells CPA
1323 Lamar Avenue, Suite D, Paris, TX 75460




Earl Erickson




The HORiZONS Magazine has published a nice article about the Trail de Paris.

"Paris, the city with a 75-foot Eiffel Tower topped with a red stetson, has supported its Trail de Paris for more than a dozen years. The 6.9 linear park slices through the county seat of Lamar County like a vein of gold."

Please click on the link below to read the rest of the articel






The Trail de Paris Boast a New Outdoor Yoga Park


The Outdoor Yoga Park is located between 12th SE and 8th SE on the South side of the Trail de Paris. It is a gift to the community and is overseen by the trail manager and the city.

Jimmy Don Nicholson, community service coordinator with Adult Probation and chairman of the Valley of the Caddo Museum, took the idea from trail users and drew up plans for the Yoga Park.

The idea was presented to the city and was brought to life thanks to the efforts of trail users, the city, Keep Paris Beautiful/Make Lamar County Shine, members of the Valley of the Caddo Museum and Lamar County Adult Probation Community Services. 



The Trail de Paris is Quickly Becoming a "Walking Outdoor Art Gallery"


Students and members of the PJC Art League have decorated trash cans that are on display at different locations along the trail.

"Each can is an original work," said PJC art instructor Susan Moore. "The subject matter ranges in scope from deep space and the solar system, to mystical figures, and everything in between such as landscape, patterns, social commentary, and animals. Students used an assortment of media, such as house paint donated by Sherwin Williams to the Friends of the Trail, their own acrylic paint, wallpaper, and magazine scraps. They have also used an assortment of techniques that include air brush, collage, sponge painting, spray painting, drip painting, and the use of templates made from tape and twine. Each can is a unique artistic statement, and will be colorful reminders to please keep Paris beautiful and use the trash cans along the Trail de Paris!"

Project participants are: Baron Capers, Chelsea de la Rosa, Stephanie Eller, Riley Hodnet, Amanda Lair-Barnett, Jenaveve Lester, Mario Munguia (PJC graduate), Anita O'Neal, Alex Ricketts, Montel Thomas, Candra Wyatt, and Susan Moore

Come out and enjoy the art and the fresh air!



Great News!

Our 130-mile Northeast Trail from Farmersville to New Boston made the Cover Page and story pf the 2013 November issue of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine.


 Check it out!



Volunteers Needed


The Trail Butterfly Garden on the PJC Corridor needs routine maintenance.  If you are part of a group who would help with this effort by scheduling a workday or by joining one that is planned, please contact Lueron Erickson at 903-785-7353. 

The Youth at Calvary Methodist have given hours of their time once or twice each year to help us at the beginning of spring and in the heat of the summer to spruce things up before the Tour de Paris.


Calvary Chapel is adding our project to their For the City campaign by signing up to help once each month from September through November.

Faculty members and students from PJC have contributed their time also.

Volunteers from the Red River Chapter of Master Naturalists, and interested individuals make up a significant group of regular helpers.  We do not work in December or January.  In February, we begin pruning.

Our most recent workday was September 14th.  A group of 18 worked for 3 hours.

For those of you who enjoy digging, weeding, and beautifying flower gardens, please join us.  Anyone needing help to differentiate between weeds and desired plants may call the number given above.

Individuals who use the Trail are encouraged to make the Garden a rest stop to read the information in the kiosk, notice the plant markers, and pull a weed or two!




The City of Paris was awarded $515,193 via the 2012 Texas Department of Transportation Enhancement Program to construct the 2.36-mile West Paris Multi-Use Trail.

This Trail will connect to the following 11- destinations:

  • Heritage Park
  • Lamar County Historical Museum
  • Transportation Museum
  • Lamar County Genealogy Library
  • T.S. Justiss Elementary
  • Walker Park
  • Leon Williams Park
  • T.G. Givens Early Childhood Center
  • Lamar County Head Start
  • Red River Valley Fair Association
  • Red River Valley Girls and Boys Club

Thank you to the following stakeholders than provided along with the City of Paris the required cash match:

  • RAM Foundation
  • Martha, David, and Bagby Foundation
  • Guaranty Bond Bank
  • Keep Paris Beautiful
  • NextEra Energy Resources
  • Hayter Engineering Inc. for the project’s engineering cost estimate

Also, Thanks to the following who along with the City of Paris Mayor and Council provided support letters:

  • ARK-TEX Council of Governments
  • Congressman Ralph M. Hall
  • State Senator Kevin P. Eltife
  • State Representative Georg Lavender
  • Lamar County Judge M.C. Superville
  • Justiss Elementary principal Renee Elmore and teachers
  • Shiela Ensey, Director, T.G. Givens Early Childhood Center
  • Judie Forte’-Huff, Director Lamar County Head Start
  • Glen Gambill, President, Lamar County Historical Museum Board
  • Rita Jane Haynes, Exec. Director , Red River Valley Fair Association
  • Dr. Debra Cherry, Transforming North Texas
  • Robert High, Lamar County Chamber of Commerce, Chairman
  • Steve Gilbert, Executive Director, Paris Economic Development Corporation



What’s New to View!

Trail Butterfly Garden


The Butterfly Garden has provided vibrant color this Spring and Summer for Trail users and butterflies alike.  Beginning with the Penstemon blossoms, followed by Day Lilies, Bee Balm, Buddleia, Salvia, Coneflowers, Phlox, and Zinnias the area has been an attractive addition to the Crape Myrtle lined PJC corridor.  


The newly installed kiosk displays beautiful charts of Butterfly facts.  We are in the process of selecting host and nectar plants that are mentioned.  Lantana, Sedum, Catmint, Blue Mist, and Cosmos are a few “newcomers”.


Regular volunteers have adopted quadrants to keep weeded and trimmed.  Additional volunteers are needed to help maintain the garden.  If you know individuals or a group who would like to participate in that labor of love, please contact Lueron Erickson at 903-785-7353 or email   We appreciate the youth from Calvary Methodist who came out last month to help spruce up the beds before the Tour de Paris.  Many hands make the work load much lighter! Under the supervision of A.D. Thompson from the Friends of the Trail, mowing and edging is done around the garden by the Probation Department.  Bill Loranger and his city crew keep the sprinkler system working.  Without all this support, the garden would not exist.


Wouldn’t you like to be included in our project?





We have updated

"You’ve Been Spotted"
photos section
 Check it out, you may spot yourself!




Come out and Try the Resurfaced Portion of the Trail de Paris!!

You’ll like It!

The City of Paris contracted out the resurfacing of the Trail de Paris from Loop 286 east to the east city limit. It has been completed. As one of your New Years resolutions we invite you come an try it out. 



Blossom and Clarksville receive Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) Recreational Trail Grants

On May 24, 2012 at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting in Austin, Texas, the City of Blossom Rail Trail project was awarded $100,000.00 to construct a 1.5-mile, 12’ wide, all weather asphalt pedestrian/bicycle Trail form their west to east city limits and the City of Clarksville Gate to Texas Trail project was awarded a $128,000.00  to construct a 2.0-mile crushed aggregate pedestrian/bicycle Trail from their west to east city limits via the TPW Recreational Trail Fund. Of Eighty-one projects that were submitted for funding consideration requesting over $11.0 million in financial assistance., they were among the 27 recommended projects.  This will add another 1.5 miles to our Paris, Reno, Lamar County Trail system for a total linear length of 12-miles and add 3.5-miles to our Northeast Texas Trail from Farmersville to New Boston.


Butterfly Garden on the Trail


Visit the Garden in the center of the PJC corridor, accessible from 24th street, to see the plants bursting with Spring growth.  Our Garden includes some of the nectar plants that attract butterflies.  Among them are the Butterfly Bush, Aster, Phlox, Purple coneflower, Bee Balm, Coreopsis, Shasta Daisy, and Salvias that will be blooming soon.  

The Monarchs will be drawn to the Butterfly weed that is beginning to break through.  Monarchs contain cardiac glycosides, which can make birds violently ill after eating the butterfly.  Their bright color serves as a reminder of their bad taste to deter a predator.  In some cases, good-tasting species have evolved to look like bad-tasting species and benefit from this type of mimicry.  This is probably true of the Viceroy butterfly that looks much like the Monarch.

We don’t recommend you do any taste tests!  Just Come and Look.



The Reno Rail Trail has a new look!

They have installed 1/10 mile markers from their west to east city limits. Come and check it out.



Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant, private donations, and City of Paris sponsorship pave way for Trail de Paris expansion into west Paris

The Paris City Council unanimously approved accepting a $200,000 Recreational Trails Grant from the Texas Parks & Wildlife for the extension of the Trail de Pairs approximately eight-tenths of a mile to the west — from SE 8th to SW 4th.  It's the gateway to extend the Trail into the downtown and historical districts, and west Paris. It will establish future Trail links to Heritage Park, Lamar County Historical Museum, Justiss Elementary School via the Paris Independent School’s Safe Route to School Grant, Leon Williams Park, the Boys and Girls Club of Red River Valley facilities, and the TG Givens Elementary School.  

 Please view :

  • The Paris News article Trail to extend into west Paris by Krista Goerte and the Editorial Trail de Paris creating a path to pull community together-December 15, 2011-





Lamar County accepts the $200,000.00 National Recreational Trails Grant awarded to them by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to extend the current successful Trail system another 3.19 miles from Reno's east city limit to the City of Blossom.  For an accurate account of the proceedings, please  visit -------  website and scroll down on the right to Our Great Outdoors and click on Commissioners Vote to Support Trail Expansion.



The Reno Rail Trail is officially open for business.

 City of Reno has official opening celebration of their Reno Rail Trail. Please visit  website and scroll down on the right and click on Our Great Outdoors then click on "Trail Expansion Continues" for the opening ceremony and pictures. 




You are invited to support the Trail de Paris with the purchase of a park bench. The newest extensions of the Trail are in need of several resting spots in the form of plastic coated metal park benches. Each bench will have a plaque inscribed with the message of your choice.  Name yourself or pay tribute to your family, friends, mentors, or other loved ones you wish to give a permanent place in history.
For your donation of $750, your bench will be a lasting tribute to your love and support of our community and our beautiful Trail de Paris. 

For more information, please contact Laura Thompson at You may also  click here  to print or download the purchase form. 




Trail de Paris Solar System

George Leonberger and members of the Valley of the Caddo Star Gazers club have found a unique way to demonstrate the vast expanse of our solar system for those who aren't astronomers by nature

Using Trail de Paris as the backdrop, the organization has constructed a solar system model to scale.

The Trail de Paris Solar System starts with a ‘Sun' on the trail pavement behind Paris Junior College at 24th Street.

Using a 42-inch "sun," each planet of the system outward is painted at the scaled distance and size, with Pluto 2.8 miles down the trail at the east city limits of Paris.

At scale, earth is 376 feet away from the sun and the size of a marble (3/8 inch), and earth's moon - now the size of a BB shot - is one foot away from earth.

Mars, which is shown by a quarter inch circle, can be found at the Butterfly Gardens behind PJC.

Jupiter is 4 and 3/8 inches around and positioned behind the police station.

Neptune is located near where the trail crosses Old Clarksville Road and is just 1 1/2 inches around.

Dwarf planet Pluto is represented by a tiny dot smaller than a "BB" shot.

Everyone is invited to stroll among the planets on the Trail de Paris Solar System. 



Lamar County and City of Paris awarded 2011 Texas Parks and Wildlife Recreational Trail Grants.

May 27, 2011 the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved $3,318,450 million to fund 21 National Recreational Trail Grant projects in communities across the state.  The Lamar County and City of Paris Trail projects were among the awardees.

In all, 60 eligible projects totaling more than $9 million were submitted for new trail funding. The 10-member Texas Statewide Trails Advisory Board reviewed the proposals and developed a list of recommended projects for funding based on the quality of the project, its cost effectiveness, its impact on recreational trail opportunities and geographic distribution of funds.

The National Recreational Trails Fund comes from a portion of the federal gas tax generated by the sale of gasoline for use in off-road recreational vehicles such as dirt bikes and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). Money from the trail fund goes toward the creation and maintenance of motorized and non-motorized recreational trails.

 The program provides 80-20 matching grants, so that in each case the grant recipient must pay for 20 percent of the total project cost. Dollar amounts shown below are 80 percent of the project cost.

Lamar – Lamar County, $200,000, to construct a 3.18-mile extension of the Prairiland Recreational Trail and install bollards, bridges and signs.

Lamar – City of Paris, $200,000, to build a 0.8-mile asphalt extension to the Central Paris Trail, and install culverts, road crossings and fencing.

Lamar County and the City of Paris, the TPW grant sponsors, partnered with the “Friends of the Trail” to prepare and submit the 2011 TPW Recreational Trail grant applications.

The Lamar County $240,000.00 grant will aid in extending the current Paris/Reno Trail system another 3.18-miles from Reno’s east city limit to Blossom’s west city-limit.  The Martha, David and Bagby Lennox Foundation, RAM Foundation, First Federal Community Foundation, and Keep Paris Beautiful provided the cash match for this grant. The Greater Paris Development Foundation, Lamar County and the Private sector will provide in-kind matches.

The City of Paris $240,000.00 grant will aid in extending the Trails network westward into Central Paris another 0.8-mile from 8th SE Street to 4th SW Street.  The First Federal Community Foundation, Paris Legacy Foundation, and Liberty National Bank, Guaranty Bond Bank of Paris, and Lamar National Bank provided the cash match for this grant.  Crossroads Properties Inc., Downtown Investment Group, the City of Paris and the Private sector will provide in-kind matches.

These will be the 4th and 5th TPW Recreational Trail Funds awarded to our Trail System;

  • 2007-City of Paris-Grant Sponsor, partnered with “Friends of the Trail” to prepare and submit $189,900.00 Trail de Paris East extension application.

  • 2008-City of Paris-Grant Sponsor, partnered with “Friends of the Trail” to prepare and submit $150,000.00 Trail de Paris west extension application.

  • 2009-City of Reno-Grant Sponsor, partnered with “Friends of the Trail” to prepare and submit $108,986.40 Reno Trail extension application.

  • 2011-Lamar County-Grant sponsor, partnered with “Friends of the Trail” to prepare and submit  $240.000.00 Prairiland Trail application.

  • 2011-City of Paris-Grant Sponsor, partnered with friends of the Trail’ to prepare and submit $240,000.00 Central Paris trail extension.



Take note that a revised city ordinance has set new trail hours for the Trail de Paris from 30 mins before dawn to 30 mins after dusk. The Paris Police Dept and Citizens on Patrol will be regularly seen on the trail so give them a big thank you when you see them. Also, dogs are now allowed “on a leash”. Please stay to the right and pick up after your dog to keep our trail beautiful.
Check out the new Trail de Paris t-shirt design. It comes in long ($15) or short ($10) sleeve and can be purchased at the "Store" link above or at the Downtown Chamber of Commerce location at 8 West Plaza.