Exploring the Trail

Mileage Markers
The 0.25-mile markers present on the Trail de Paris funded by Paris Rotary Club are numbered and stationed ¼ mile away from each other. The first-mile marker is 0.25 miles west of Paris city. They increase in numbers as you move towards the current trail at the end of 8th SE Street. That is to say, you can begin your trail trek anywhere on the trail and work out the distance taken. Upon entering, the markers increase by ¼ mile towards the west and decrease towards the east.

Trail Center Stripe
Center Stripes coded with different colors are painted on the Trail to integrate the trail spots with emergency zones. This makes it easier for city police and emergency vehicles to access urgent cases.

“Share the Trail” Arrows
Every exit and entry access point, there is a trail curve, 0.25-mile marker, and two-way arrows painted on the Trail de Paris to act as a reminder to the users that it is a two-way traffic trail. Users also should keep in mind that they should stay to the right while cyclists should keep left and be ready to be vocal if the users can’t see them to avoid minor or even major accidents. The users also are advised not to litter the environment, instead ensure to keep it clean. Dogs should always be on a leash.

Opening and closing time
The Trail de Paris opens half an hour before dawn and closes half an hour after dusk as per the city’s regulations. One of the things you want to keep in mind is that there is no lighting along the trail, so you might want to ensure you’re back at the trailhead before it begins to get dark.

All in All, participating in the Trail de Paris in Texas is a great way to spend your free time, whether you are a trail enthusiast or just looking for some fun activity to do. It is also a great way to explore Paris as it gives you magnificent views of the city. Remember to be mindful of other people’s welfare and to keep your dog on leash throughout the trail. Also, observe the opening and closing time so as to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Observing these simple tips will ensure that your time at Trail de Paris is smooth sailing.