The Trail de Paris

Background on the Trail de Paris in Paris, TX

Escape from the hurly-burly of urban life. At the heart of Paris, you experience the tranquility you might need on the Trail de Paris. The smoothly arched route divides a diversional strip from Forth Street South West, towards East under magnificent trees. A feeling of community has surfaced with the introduction of the Trail de Paris to our region. Visitors, incomers, and residents discover Trail de Paris to be a resource that boosts civic, educational, and diversional golden opportunities.

Trail de Paris was a project Lamar County adopted in 2004. They agreed to construct a multi-use trail together, with a part of the property owned by Paris Foundation under tight federal banking restrictions to construct cycling trails. Through donations from corporations, Leadership Lamar County Class of 2004, sponsorship, civic groups, patronage, and individuals, they created the asphalt multi-use trail that runs from Loop 286 to 12th Street SE. Several subsequent efforts were made since 2004 to extend the Trail. Trail de Paris was extended for more than four miles to Paris and joins Reno just after Airport Road. The Blossom trail added another five-mile totaling 11.53 improved miles. More trails have been established in the area to allow schools, nature lovers and many more locals experience the breathtaking setting. The establishment has also participated in the installation of mileage signs, benches, and the magnificent humming/butterfly garden which came about when Aikin Socrates Students partnered with the committee in 2007.

Trail de Paris is alluring to people who want a serene, safe space to run, jog or take walks. The physically handicapped can also visit for it has been made handicapped friendly. This is the only bicycle/pedestrian Trail in Lamar and Paris counties that is not motorized.

Dogs on a leash are allowed on the Trail de Paris. Different “welcome” signs are positioned at each trail entry point. They offer ample parking area and are found to the north of the outdoor sports compound, west part of collegiate Drive, before Results Company on Clarksville St., Noyse Stadium at Twenty-fourth South East street and adjacent to the convergence of Third St. South West and West Hearne St. in Downtown Paris.

Heading east just after Forth South West St. where the westernmost boundary of the trail is, tall sugarberry trees provide shade for the meandering Trail all the way to Twenty-fourth South East where it passes across the Paris Junior College Campus and the local Security Credit Systems branch. Here, catch a glimpse of over 10 crape myrtles varieties along the corridor. To discover their names, look out for the labeled ones. There is also a Hummingbird and a Butterfly Garden in the middle of the corridor that catches the attention of the visitors with its blooming flowers. You may want to bring your camera with you, for you will come across beautiful monuments from the past and experience chrysalises transitioning.

Near the shop, just at the entrance, you will find a map written: “You Are Here”. Cross the bridge to your east to the vast Sandy Creek. In the event that it has rained, take a minute and listen to the flowing water making its way to the woods.